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Hyakunin Isshu: poem 17 (Ariwara no Narihira・chihayaburu)

Impassionate gods have never heard of crimson that lies in the Tatsuta River.
Chihayaburu 神代も聞かず
kami-yo mo kikazu 竜田川
Tatsuta-gawa からくれなゐに
kara-kurenai ni 水くぐるとは
mizu kuguru to wa
Ariwara no Narihira Ariwara no Narihira 有原業平 (825–880) was a son of Prince Abo (阿保親王 Abo shinnō; 792–842) and Princess Ito (伊都内親王 Ito naishinnō; died 861), who were respectively son of Emperor Heizei (平城天皇Heizei tennō ;773–824) and daughter of Emperor Kanmu(桓武天皇 Kanmu tennō; 735–806). This makes Narihira a grandson of Emperors Kanmu and Heizei. However, Kanmu himself was the eldest son of Emperor Heizei, meaning that Narihira was both a grandson and a great-grandson of Emperor Heizei. Imperial descent, however, did not grant Narihira an imperial title, only the last name Ariwara 有原. Another son of Prince Abo, Ariwara no Yukihira 有原行平 (818–893; poem 16) was Narihira’s older half-brother from a different mother. 
Rather than for his political career, Narihira is known as a poet and the most-likely main protagonist o…
“Poets give us insights into our world. Great poets give us insights into human life.”
— Kenneth Yasuda in the foreword to H. Jay Harris’ translation of ‘The Tales of Ise’