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Minamoto no Ienaga Nikki: a year before <...> she had composed "Do not forget me / Even you, plum tree by the eaves!"

The death of Zensaiin [Shikishi Naishinnō] left all at a loss for words. As more and more die, the Way of Poetry declines; so one feels one must try all the harder. A year before her death, at the time of 100-poem sequences, she had composed "Do not forget me / Even you, plum tree by the eaves!" And When the following year the tree at her Ōidono residence bloomed as if in sympathy, I could not help saying to myself “This year, at least…” (trans. Huey 2002, 87−88)Minamoto no Ienaga 源家長 (1170−1234) in his memoir Minamoto no Ienaga Nikki 源家長日記 (Diary of Minamoto no Ienaga), remembering the years after the death of Princess Shokushi (式子内親王 Shokushi naishinnō; between 1149 and 1152−1201; her name can also be read as Shikishi or Noriko; her poem is included in Hyakunin Isshu as number 89).
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