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“Generally, people who are good at writing letters have no need to write letters. They've got plenty of life to lead inside their own context.”

Haruki Murakami. A Wild Sheep Chase
"In autumn, the evening - the blazing sun has sunk very close to the mountain rim, and now even the crows, in threes and fours or twos and threes, hurrying to their roost, are a moving sight."

From Sei Shonagon's "The Pillow Book". Chapter I. In spring, the dawn... Translation by Meredith McKinney, Penguin Classics, 2006
"In poetry there are no teachers. One makes antiquity one's teacher. Provided he steeps his mind in the styles of antiquity and learns his diction from the great poets of old, who can fail to compose good poetry?"

- Fujiwara no Teika