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Hyakunin Isshu: poem 48 (Minamoto no Shigeyuki・kaze wo itami)

When winds send waves crashing against the rocks, I recall how my own efforts were in vain.
Kaze wo itami 岩うつ波の
iwa utsu nami no おのれのみ
onore nomi くだけてものを
kudakete mono wo 思ふころかな
omou koro kana
Shigeyuki Minamoto no Shigeyuki 源重之 lived in the second half of 10th century. His dates are unknown, although he seems to have died in 1001. He was a great-grandson of Emperor Seiwa (清和天皇Seiwa tennō; 850–881) and an associate of Taira no Kanemori 平兼盛 (d. 999; poem 40) and Fujiwara no Sanekata 藤原実方 (d. 998; poem 51).
Shigeyuki himself was a governor of Sagami 相模 (modern-day Kanagawa 神奈川). When in 995 Sanekata was appointed gorvernor of Mutsu 陸奥 (modern-day Aomori), Shigeyuki accompanied him. Both Sanekata and Shigeyuki remained in Mutsu until death. 
As a poet, Shigeyuki is considered one of Thirty-Six Poetic Immortals (三十六歌仙Sanjūrokkasen), as selected by Fujiwara no Kintō 藤原公任 (966–1041). He has 67 poems in the third imperial anthology Shūishū (拾遺集Collection of Gleanings)and later imperial poetry collec…